Ayanda Peggy Mokhatla Biography

My name is Ayanda Peggy Mokhatla and I am a bold and proud wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. I left school at an early age due to the effects of political instability in my home as my father was imprisoned at Robben Island and I had to fend for my family. I started working for Sun International in July 1984 as a Public Area Cleaner at Amatola Sun Hotel and Casino in Bhisho. I went on to become a founder member of workers representatives and the first union shop steward.

My words of wisdom are simple yet strong, ‘take pride in your work, set the right kind of goals for yourself and work hard for what you want in life.’ Secondly, ‘never, ever, give up’ – no one can tell you what your efforts are worth and only you stand to gain from giving your all and hoping for the best.

Through Zifundise Training and Consulting CC, a close corporation in which I hold a majority interest, we endeavour to inspire and equip people to fulfil their dreams and reach their potential and, as a result, transform workplaces into places of high passion, high result and fun.

I am a people person and this is a personal trait which has helped me to build a solid platform from which I am able to promote my employer in totality and not only to the extent of my job description. I receive invitations to many events and thus I attend many functions and participate in many activities where I get to interact with various individuals and office holders of high calibre both in business and government. I connect with people professionally and personally by making sure I always leave my mark and appeal to their needs and interests. In all my experiences, I hold strong in the faith that everything happens for a reason and to sum up my story: I can attest that God Is Good and His grace and mercy are everlasting and able to open any door and cure any ill.