2 Hour Workshops

In these turbulent times, it is harder and harder for companies to release staff for days at a time to attend training workshops, as valuable as training is. We have come up with a practical solution to make this easier for our clients. We have designed a range of TWO Hour training modules to alleviate the problem of time away from work. These workshops are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Management Development 
  2. Talent Development
  3. Sales and Customer Care
  4. Life skills and personal development

What this effectively means is that a client can pick and choose the modules they would like, to create a curriculum of their choice for any level of staff in the company. The client also decides how often the workshops need to take place, what time of the day and where, and we now can roll out of personalized, training curriculum that suits the client.

This methodology also creates the opportunity for coaching and support as participants are given practical tasks to be applied back in the workplace. Topics can be chosen from ANY of the 4 menus, so total flexibility is a positive feature of these modules. Check out the modules below.

Management Development

Talent Development

Sales and Customer Service

Life Skills and Personal Development