1&2 Day Workshops

One and two day workshops have historically been the backbone of our business. All these workshops have been developed in-house and we pride ourselves on the quality and unique feel of these workshops.

All of our workshops are highly interactive. Through the use of multimedia, group work, self-reflection, case studies, practical activities and assessments, we actively explore the issues of the day in a safe and friendly environment. For the SA market, our workshops are linked to unit standards. Although not all the workshops are accredited, we continue to accredited these workshops through the Services Seta and over time the accredited menu will grow. A one or two page outline or promo of each workshop is available on request via email.

Special note: We run classroom based workshops on all the critical ‘soft skills’ as identified by Bellevue University and by the Accenture SA Workplace Skills Report. The skills include:

  1. Teamwork
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
  2. Critical Thinking
    • Judgement
    • Decision-making
    • Problem-solving
  3. Emotional Intelligence
    • Values clarification
    • Self-management