Angelique Jennings Biography

Angelique, a people’s-person who believes in making a difference in people’s lives, is married to Antony, mom to Lyndsay and their two furry pets; Bella [dog] and Zoé [kitten].

She has been an educator for most of her working life but after becoming a partner at Zifundise in 2004, she took a step into corporate business and trained adults whilst being full-time in Zifundise Training and Consulting for 5 years [2005 – 2009].She facilitated training in HIV & AIDS Peer Education; Assessor Training, and Disability Awareness.

In 2010 Angelique moved back into teaching at Victoria Park High School, where she is the Head of Life Orientation, which she is passionate about. Her role in Zifundise currently is that of Alignment and Accreditation of SLP [Short Learning programmes] and Qualifications with Services Seta and QCTO. When the opportunity arises she still does corporate training.  She is a registered constituent Assessor and Moderator with Services Seta, Health and Welfare Seta and ETDP Seta.

Angelique became a soccer mom when their son started playing football and before long she was involved in administrating at club level and Local Football Association level. She has been  the President of PEFA [Port Elizabeth Football Association] since 2017 and the Vice-President of SAFA-NMB since 2018. She often quotes, “Whatever you learn about life, you learn with a football between your feet.” {Ronaldinho]

She is a strongly principled person, who has an unwavering faith in God and put Him first in all that she does.