PEA Assessment


Personal Effectiveness skills – the so-called “soft skills” are in high demand today. Corporations recognize that employees who are good at communicating, collaborating, decision-making and self-management are best at adapting to change and assuming leadership positions.

The Personal Effectiveness Assessment is among the first to evaluate current levels of competency with the most valuable soft skills. The Assessment was designed to measure skills as well as knowledge. It will give you a valuable benchmark for where you stand today on the seven Personal Effectiveness Skills critical to career success.

The Seven Personal Effectiveness Skills are:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Judgement
  • Communication
  • Self-Management
  • Collaboration
  • Values Clarification.

The Assessment gives you an objective report about your strengths and also may highlight areas that you want to work on.
FOR Groups (corporate)
Send us a spread sheet including first name, last name, group name and email of all who have been selected and paid for by their company. We will enter these people as authorized to receive their reporting and send them to the START page.
NOTE: If we do not receive their name as authorized and paid, they will not be able to download their PEA results.
FOR Individuals
They will pay for their Assessment directly through PayFast. They will automatically be directed to the START page.