eLearning Introduction

What Makes eLearning Transformative?

The essential elements of training that works.

Workforce requirements are changing – and changing quickly. People and corporations around the world are looking for efficient and effective ways to upskill. Yet many training programs don’t provide the solid knowledge and skills required to feel confident and able to truly transform a workforce or a job seeker.

UpSkills Global our eLearning platform partner, was founded by education professionals with long experience in what it takes for working adult learners to be successful. There are 5 elements that are required:

1. Current and Relevant Content

Upskilling implies modern skills. Not only must the content be modern, it needs to relate directly to the job for which it’s created. Students of UpSkills Global programs are able to use what they learn immediately at work.

2. Effective, Engaging Learning Delivery

Adult learners appreciate online learning – but not all online learning is accessible or engaging.

UpSkills Global training programs were created specifically for working adults. They focus on what adults need to know and practice to feel confident in their jobs. And they include downloadable tools that can be used for continual practice and learning.

3. Credible, Consistent Assessment

For employees and their bosses to feel confident in training, they need to know that those who passed a course have been consistently evaluated for their skills and knowledge. UpSkills Global courses include rigorous and consistent outcomes assessments.

4. Effective Learner Support

This is where most online learning programs fall short. And this is the major difference with UpSkills Global. Our Success Coaches are hired, trained and compensated to provide our learners with ongoing, proactive outreach and support. We also provide subject-matter tutors for those who need additional help with lessons.

5. Success Credential

Successful learners want to tell the world about their achievement. That’s why we provide certificates and badges for those who successfully complete our Learner Journeys and Career Passports.